Professor Doctor Izhar Ul Haq | The Chairman of Islamabad College of Technosciences

Chairman's Message

"Pioneering the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) education to ensure quality, equity, affordability, and accountability (QEAA) in teaching and learning to produce exemplary leaders in Pakistan”

Welcome to Islamabad College of Technosciences (ICT)! Being a quality driven institute, ICT ensures that every student in every class receives the right balance of all aspects of teaching and learning based on innovative pedagogies. To guarantee quality education, ICT has hired highly qualified teachers who will ensure that every student will excel in exams.

Furthermore, our teachers, through special training, are able to leverage on 4IR technologies to provide real-time and automatic feedback to students and parents to ensure that students are always abreast with their work and never fall behind. We believe that without the use of modern technologies both teaching and learning is compromised and hence students do not achieve their full academic potential. In this respect ICT is unique from all other institutions.

With the Grace of Allah (SWA) Islamabad College envisions to produce highly skilled doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators, parliamentarians, politicians, and leaders for the benefit of Pakistan and the world. ICT is endeavored to provide students a learning journey of fun, exploration and investigation to excel in their professional career as well as their personal development. I feel proud to lead a dedicated and a vibrant team that is committed to implement this vision. I'm sincerely looking forward to see you in Class!

Professor Dr. Izhar Ul Haq

Dr. Izhar Ul Haq is a Professor of Physics and Computer Science. His Ph.D. is from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Academic Experience

He has an extensive teaching, research and senior-level administration experience. He has served as the President of SZABIST. He has held several other senior-level positions including the Director of Research at the American University in the Emirates, UAE;

The Dean at the New York Institute of Technology; Rector at BizTech University, Karachi; head of accreditation at Ajman University of Science and Technology; head of E-learning technologies, Canada. Prof. Haq has worked in UK, Pakistan, Canada, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.