A Tribute To Dr. Allama Iqbal

ڈھونڈنے والوں کو دنیا بھی نئی دیتے ہیں
کوئی قابل ہو تو ہم شانِ کئی دیتے ہیں

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal had served his whole life for the prosperity of Muslims. It’s high time that we celebrate Iqbal day with a passionate spirit and pay a tribute to him as he deserved. Some of the institutes just arranged seminars, shows and made play cards on Iqbal’s birthday. As a nation, we have to do something unique for him as it is a big day for the east.
Iqbal was a great philosopher and thinker of his time and even today, he’s alive in the hearts of people due to his enchanting poetry. Iqbal was a pioneer of Urdu poetry and his poems are an inspiration for today’s youth. He is popularly identified as the Muffakir-e-Pakistan and Hakeem-ul-unit and his words and actions flawlessly reflect his sturdy personality. His solid ideological beliefs and magical poetry astonish the British.
Remembering the great philoshpher and poet-of-the-east, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal on his birth anniversary. Our students and teachers paid tribute to the visionary leader and pledged to work hard to achieve the Pakistan of Iqbal one day.