Islamabad College At a Glance!

Islamabad College of Technosciences brings 21st Century Learning at your access. With a motto of Quality, Affordability, and Accountability in education. We firmly believe that with quality education Pakistan can become highly competitive in the global market in all sectors of the society. We are breaking the stereotypes and introducing 21st Century Quality Learning approaches to equip the intermediate students with knowledge, understanding, and life skills.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies

We highly appreciate student’s reflection regarding their understanding and satisfaction with their learning, in order to further improve student’s performance.

Professional Lectures

ICT provides students with free professional seminars, workshops and lectures on the latest trends in all areas of education. Many of the works shows are highly motivationals to encourage students to fulfil their academic and professional aspirations.

Students can also make request on specific areas in which they would like ICT to hold special professional activities. These activities will nurture students in many areas including:

  • Latest development/trends in education technologies and innovations.
  • Provide opportunities to students to interact with professionals invited speakers to better understand the work environment.
  • Gain extensive knowledge from seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs to focus on what made them successful.
  • Promote good ethics in the professional and social lives of students.
  • Offer students counselling on their potential future career paths.

Ensuring Student Academic Achievement

Students will benefit from ICT educational framework in which there will be various activities related to all courses. These activities will ensure that the students will achieve excellent marks in all their examinations. The framework is based on the following strategies:

  • Tests will be held fortnightly.
  • Conduct Send-up exams.
  • Provide students with revision & test Session of 90 days.
  • Fully BISE compliance.

Liaison With Parents

ICT will have regular parents teachers meetings to discuss the students performance for each course. Such meetings are crucial for students over all success. It is also important for the parens to better understand their children’s abilities i.e., areas of strength and weaknesses.

Pedagogical Strategies

  • Project Based
  • Inquiry Based
  • Collaborative
  • Technology Based
  • Independent
  • Experiential
  • Flipped Class
  • Participatory
  • Presentation Based
  • Case Studies