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Welcome to Islamabad College of Technosciences (ICT)! Being a quality driven institute, ICT ensures that every student in every class receives the right balance of all aspects of teaching and learning based on innovative pedagogies. To guarantee quality education, ICT has hired highly qualified teachers who will ensure that every student will excel in exams.

Introducing 21st Century Learning

Islamabad College of Technosciences takes 21st Century Education to new heights. The 21st Century Education generally refers to core competencies such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

Technology in 21st century world is leading to advocate such core competencies. Technology in education is substantially the use of both technological equipment and software to facilitate learning and improving performance. It investigates the process of analyzing, designing, implementing and evaluating the instructional material in order to improve learning. Through such methods one is able to acquire new or modify existing knowledge, and skills.

FSC pre engineering and pre medical


Pre-Medical & Pre-Engineering is suited for the students who want to pursue their career in medical science, engineering & technology respectively and provides a solid foundation for young innovative entrepreneurs.

intermediate of computer science


In this course we offer state-of-the-art training in the Computer sciences and communication technology that allows students to work in any fields related to computing technology.


This program aims at providing students with a good ground in various field of business and allowing students to work in any field related to accounting and commerce.


This course is suitable for students who are interested in humanities. It helps students to improve their skills in arts subjects.

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21st Century Learning for Prospective Students

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Information Technology

Why Choose ICT?

At Islamabad College we provide real-life skills for students in order for them to be successful in their professional career.

Islamabad College provides students with a holistic matrix on student’s strengths and weaknesses in professional, social as well as academic skills. Such information is extremely valuable for students to better understand their abilities and further fine-tune and nurture their strengths. This will provide a unique edge to the students at the workplace so they can progress in their career much faster than their competitors. The students are taught by Subject Matter Expert (SME). ICT is the first to use such deep-learning methodologies to make sure students develop a passion and rigorous understanding of their subjects.

IT Skills

Islamabad College of Technosciences provides Information Technology skills to students. Such training concentrates on the ways that emerging new technologies influence how business is conducted on a high level or large scale. Through these Information Technology skills students will be able to enhance their abilities in field of computer sciences.


Language Skills

Language provides a competitive edge in career choices. Islamabad college of technosciences provides language skills to students that make them able to amend their communication skills. Being multilingual enhances listening skills and memory. Language skills plays consequential role in their professional and practical life that additionally avails in better decision making.

  • Arabic Language
  • Chinese Language

Economics Studies

At Islamabad College of Technosciences we provide basic economics education that provides students with a systematic framework for analyzing, researching, writing, and teaching about a wide array financial and regional economic issues. This provides a methodology to students for understanding and making sense of our complex environment.

  • Introduction to Micro-Economics
  • Introduction to Macro-Economics

Scholarships & Financial Aid

We provide scholarships to outstanding students, based on the overall performance of student.

Skills and Career Development

We provide a holistic matrix on student's strengths & weaknesses in professional, social & academic skills.

Societies and Clubs

We strongly encourage students to suggest societies that they may wish to establish at ICT.

Regular Admissions

Enrollment' 2020 Admission Open Now !
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