Faculty of Arts (FA)

Start your journey in various careers related to humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts disciplines.
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This course is designed for students interested in pursuing studies in the Faculty of Arts. It provides a strong foundation for aspiring, innovative professionals in fields such as humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts.
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The duration of FA is 2 years. The overall course is divided into Part-1 and Part-2 with separate annual examinations for each part conducted by the respective board.

The Faculty of Arts (FA) course at the intermediate level is tailored for students with a passion for humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts. It offers a comprehensive study of subjects like literature, history, and critical thinking, providing the essential knowledge and skills needed for careers in the arts and humanities. This course is perfect for aspiring professionals who aim to make a difference in fields such as education, journalism, and cultural heritage.

Completing FA coure opens up numerous opportunities in the field of arts and humanities. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in disciplines like literature, history, philosophy, or sociology, leading to diverse job prospects in education, research, publishing, and related industries.

Additionally, related fields like cultural studies, media studies, creative writing, linguistics, and anthropology can be explored. Higher education options include master’s or doctoral programs for advanced research or academic careers.

With a strong foundation in humanities subjects and critical thinking skills, you can contribute significantly to society’s understanding of culture, history, and human behavior.

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